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postheadericon Finer Options for a Proper Look in San Diego

The night bus is the good plan to adopt! Why? Because you can fully enjoy your last day of vacation! No need to shorten your day and have to leave in the middle of aprem.

  • Because, obviously, your return of vacation coincides with that of the whole France ! So let’s go for the corks endlessly. Unless you opt for the train. But then, it’s your wallet that will moan.

No, really, we do not see a better option than the night bus! Except obviously, as you like to enjoy your holidays until the end, your night bus brings you directly to work . And the day is long after! Especially since we imagine that you love to spend during your vacation so you’re not as rested as you should to face your week of work.

Fortunately (for you), we tried the experiment! So here are my tips (excluding, please). We hope that it will turn your trip into a cheap bus in the ideal and relaxing way. What would not we do for our beloved Tictactrippers! Enjoy. From sun san diego you can have the very best.

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Items to take away OR equipment essential to your survival.

How am I exaggerating? It’s a real  expedition that we prepare together. So if you’re not adventurous and experimenting, go back and search on Google how to order a private jet.

And first, where are we going?

We may be in the summer, do not be fooled and embark on his night bus shorts and flip flops! Because here you’re off , you’re going to snap your teeth all night long. If it’s your case, we hope for you that you have a good playlist of music to warm you up or a computer loaded block and full of movies to watch.

But since we are here, that’s not going to happen to you?

So, what is good with Ouibus is what this great company puts air conditioning on its night buses. No risk of dying suffocated by heat, that’s for sure! But instead of having to find a giant hair dryer to dislodge you from your seat.

Indeed, sweater and jeans were de rigueur because August 15 at 11 pm in Brittany, it is a little chilly, we will not lie. We want to clarify to avoid any complaint that I am a big fan of Brittany and I only show realism here.

A shorts? Surely not

In short, we go astray. Take again: the ideal outfit ? Comfortable and hot! Because it is nothing less than 7:30 bus waiting for you. So avoid putting on your jacket to be ready for work, you’re going to crease it, no doubt. Your super hyper important with the investors at 9am in the morning puffy eyes and tie traviole, we say no!


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